Checklist For Moving Into A New Home

You’ve found a perfect home to move to, and even hired the best movers in NYC, now what? What are the most essential things to take care of when moving into a new place? You may have already changed your address and taken care of the Internet service, but what else is there on the list? We usually remember about some big things like furniture, but trifles are also important. When it comes to moving, checklists are what can save you lots of time and nerves. Have a look at our checklist for moving into a new home.

Change The Locks

In case you have bought a house or apartment, the first thing you should do is to change the locks. As for rented apartments, most states don’t allow to do so. That’s why you should talk to your landlord. In some cases, you will get permission if you give a copy of the key to your landlord.

Major Details

Let’s recall the basics of the checklist for moving into a new home:

  • Change the address for your bank, credit cards, employer, social security, and insurance companies.
  • After canceling utilities at your old place, change the new utilities to your name: Water, Electricity, Telephone/the Internet, Cable/Satellite.
  • In case something needs to be repaired, do it right away. Refresh the color of the walls and ceiling, then wax the floors, etc. Want to do everything yourself? There are plenty of DIY projects to use.
  • Your new home is empty for the moment. It’s a great opportunity to make it impeccable clean. Yes, there will be a big mess after you move in, bit we would still recommend you to now. Here’s what you can do to clean everything properly in every room:
    • Kitchen: dust on top of cabinets, wipe out cabinets and shelves, clean the fridge, as well as the space behind it.
    •  Bathroom: dust vents and bathroom fan; disinfect all countertops, door knobs, and floors.
    • Living spaces: dust fans and ceiling fans, wash every window of your new home, wipe and wash the floors.
Checklist For Moving Into A New Home

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Things To Buy

When talking about the checklist for moving into a new home, we should enumerate some small but important things to purchase for your new home (remove the stuff you already have):

  • Entrance area: welcome mat or rug, wall hooks for clothing and keys, small table.
  • Bedroom: Pillows, bed sheets, hangers
  • Bathroom: basic cleaning supplies, shower curtain, bath mat, shower caddy, toilet brush and plunger, trash can, mop, broom, and bucket. As a rule, people forget about such important thing as water. Either install a water filter system beforehand or bring lots of bottled water with you if you don’t want to drink that running from the faucet.
  • Kitchen: food, dish soap, and sponges, cutting board, dish towels, pots and pans, cutlery, dishes, and glasses, cooking utensils, trash can and bags.
  • Appliances: toaster, coffee maker, blender, etc.
  • Safety kit,
  • Other: keys, phones, charging cords, light bulbs,

Have A Plan

This is especially important when you move with kids. Think of every tiny detail you might need to make your children feel comfortable when moving into your new home. Everything you might need should be packed into a first night box. Kids always feel hungry or thirsty, so be ready to provide some water and snacks.

Remember that having a plan is crucial in the process of moving. Think of everything you might need beforehand. Print out all of your moving checklists and make sure you have taken care about every little bit mentioned in them. It’s good to have a day off to have time for unpacking your belongings. Have our checklist for moving into a new home at hand to avoid the chaos and wasted time.

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