Essential Things To Do After Moving

You must have been planning the big move for months. Now, finally, you have moved in the last box, and think that the hardest part is behind. Yay! Maybe you’re right, but it doesn’t mean you have nothing to do. There are loads of boxes to unpack and tons of things to sort between the rooms. You have many tasks to take care of before you can relax in your new cozy home. What are the essential things to do after moving?

Things To Do After Moving

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Check Everything For Damage

Check all boxes, appliances and furniture to find out whether anything has been damaged during the move. You should also make sure nothing has been lost. If you have made inventory lists before moving, this will really help now. If something’s missing or damaged, contact your movers immediately to submit a claim, as you have a limited amount of time to do this. Otherwise, the insurance company may decide not to reimburse you.

Set Up Your Utilities

What are other important things to do after moving? If you don’t want to arrive at a new place and find out that the lights are out, take care of your utilities beforehand. If you’re moving during the summer, utilities companies may need more time to get everything set up. Besides, every company has its own terms regarding the wait-time to get their services.  Your gas, heat, water, power, cable, Internet and trash services should be turned on and payed for. In case you have moved your fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine, get them ready for use. If you have bought a house, hire new services for gardening and pest control services.

Take Photos

Things To Do After Moving

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As soon as you have a minute, take a picture at your bare home. These are the special moments of your life. No mater how tired you are, make sure you have something to remember this moment by.

Unpack The Essentials

You must have prepared the first-night boxes so that everything you need would be at hand. Unpack the most important things for the first day or two.

Take Care Of Your Mail

If you haven’t done it before the move, get your mail forwarded to you automatically from the old address.

Change The Locks

Another important thing to do after moving is to ensure you’re the only person having keys to your door, change the locks yourself or call a locksmith. Make your new home a safe place.

Find A Good School

In case you didn’t have time to do this before moving to a new place, choose a decent school and register your kids. Do a thorough Web research and have a walking tour of at least two or three schools. Once you have chosen the winner, take your kids there and discuss the decision one more time. Keep in mind that school plays a great role in the future career and the entire life of your children.

Get Familiar With The Area

Things To Do After Moving

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Since it’s a new location for you, learn where the nearest hospitals, police stations, fire departments, stores, and supermarkets are located. You can also subscribe to a local newspaper to know the latest news of the new location.

Find New Professionals

If this state or borough is completely new for you, find a new dentist, physician, pharmacist, and vegetarian in case you need one. Talking about new doctors, you’d better choose a person you’re comfortable with. Find the right health care for you and your family.

Register To Vote

Talking about things to do after moving, you should find where you need to go to vote in your new location. Update the address so you can vote, no matter what’s the upcoming election. Some states allow a 60-day grace period, during which you can use your old address.

These are the most essential things to do after moving. Have we missed anything important? You’re most welcome to share your thoughts in comments!

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