How Much Does It Cost to Move an Apartment?

Living in a big city is all about changes. We change the place we work and we change the place we live in. Moving to another place requires time and effort. But how much money does it usually take? Since the rental market of NYC is incredibly expensive, we should budget our expenses beforehand. How much does it cost to move an apartment in NYC?

How Much Does It Cost to Move an Apartment?

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Moving Company

It depends on how far you’re planning to move and how much stuff you actually have. Obviously, moving a one-bedroom apartment will cost less than moving a two-bedroom one. This is due to the fact that most movers charge by hour, and it definitely takes longer to move a two-bedroom place. Most NYC moving companies charge $100 on the average. Excellent Quality Movers offer a simple pricing policy that doesn’t cost too much. It will cost you $70 per hour to hire two movers and a truck.

It usually takes from three to five hours to move a one-bedroom apartment locally. Hiring two movers and a truck, this can cost you from $210 to $350. In case you’re planning to move a two-bedroom apartment, be ready for a four or six-hour move. It might be more reasonable to hire three movers and a truck in this case. They will cost you only $90 per hour. Thus, the moving company can cost you between $360 and $540.

If you think about a DIY move, just think how much time and nerves this will cost. Movers are fast, and hey bring a truck. They have enough experience not to break fragile items. What about you? Just think about lifting all of your belongings to the top?

Photo credit: naiaraback1 via / CC BY

Photo credit: naiaraback1 via / CC BY

Moving Supplies

We should also talk about moving supplies. Before you start packing, you should purchase or find lots of moving boxes. Some people give them away on Craiglist, so you can begin your search there. Another option here is to check out local furniture stores. You’re going to need boxes of all sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large.

Among other moving supplies to take care of are the following: packing tape, trash bags (perfect for packing lightweight things like pillows), scissors, bubble wrap (to protect fragile items), permanent markers, and colored stickers to label your moving boxes. Proper labeling is half of success during the unpacking process.

Answering the question about how much it costs to move an apartment in NYC, we should consider all the mentioned above expenses. Hiring EQ Movers, you will get decent services at a reasonable price.

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