Moving and Storage

Moving and Storage

This is a guest post provided by Bryan Sebring.  He is the owner of Sebring Services, a residential remodeling company located in Illinois.  They provide kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovation services and have a passion to help homeowners during the home remodeling process.

Whether you are renovating your entire home or a single room, you will have to move your things around. If it is just kitchen remodeling, you need to figure out where the dishes and appliances will go during the remodeling period. If you are undertaking a full house remodel, you have to think about bigger storage options.

Read our guide below for advice and tips on how to keep your belongings safe while the experts work on your home.

Moving and Storage, renovation


1. Move things into another room or space

For smaller renovations involving one or two rooms, a relatively easy option is to move your stuff into another room. This includes furniture, electronic appliances, wall hangings, books and so on. If you have an extra or guest bedroom, use it. The garage or basement is another great space to use as temporary storage.

If there is no unused room or space to move things into, you may have to live with added clutter in your bedroom or living room until the renovation is complete.

2. Pay for a storage container

If you want to avoid cluttering up other rooms in the house, an alternative is to pay for a storage container, sometimes called pods. A storage container is delivered to your home and you load it up with whatever you want to stow away. Make sure you request the right container size that will fit everything you need to store.

Once you have loaded up the container, you have two options; it can remain on your compound for easy access or you can have it taken to a secure storage facility until you need it again. Keeping it at home is the best option if you plan to remain in your house during the duration of the project.

3. Rent a storage facility

For full home renovations, you may need to move out completely for a temporary period. Additionally, you might need to clear out your entire home to make work easier and faster for the remodeling experts. In this case, consider renting a storage facility to put your things during a renovation.

Some storage providers will even bring a large container to your home and collect it later after you have loaded it up. If this is not an option with your mover, check whether they offer transport to their storage facility.


Moving and Storage

4. From room to room

This is one is a bit tedious but great if you do not want to spend any extra cash living in a rented apartment or hiring out a storage facility. You just need to plan the remodeling properly and figure out the order in which various parts of the house are going to be worked on. Then, clear out the rooms that are under renovation and go back in when they are completed.

As mentioned, this is a really tedious process and may not always work.

What About Your Family

If living at home is not a possibility, you can opt to live in a hotel, rented apartment or RV depending on your budget. You can also go low cost by moving into your parents’ or sibling’s home for a few months.

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